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What We Do

JDM Car Care

At  dMEX,  we have  a  wide
range of Made in Japan Car
Care   products    with    top
brand   such   as      CARALL,
and many more

JDM Car Fresheners

                                                   We have  more than

                                                   30   types   of    JDM

                                                   car     fresheners   in

                                                   stock.   Check  them

                                                   out  and  you  would

                                                   be surprised.

JDM Accessories

There  is  no way to  give your ride a JDM look without  a few pieces of  JDM accessories, be  sure to visit our store  or check out our online store for a variety of dressing up accessories.


Our  highly  trained
and      experienced
technicians         are
capable  to  provide
all type of installation service such as custom headlight upgrade,  LED footwell / door light, under  car  lighting,  Two  way  alarm  system, full alarm system  with  Smart Entry & Engine  Stop / Start  Button, Reverse Parking Sensors 
                                                  and    camera   with
                                                  motorised   flip   up
                                                  screen.  Be  sure  to
                                                  contact   us   if   you
                                                  have  any   inquiries

Interested in Lighting Up Your Ride? Lets Talk.​


"I went to dmex after seeing their advertisement regarding Japanese Car Products. I was overwhelmed by the amount of JDM goodies they have. Not to mention the large number of choice on Japanese Car Fresheners. I have never seem them anywhere else in Sydney. I ended up purchasing many things there. I have since become a regular there in particular for their high quality car care products."

Jim - Zetland

"I always wanted to upgrade the lights in my car. However, after being disappointed by some poor quality products from ebay, and other retail shops, I have been hesitant to buy anymore. One day I  came across this little auto shop in Waterloo by chance, and was surprised by the number of LED lights they stock. I was able to see the lights in action before purchasing. I must say their LED bulbs are of the brightest I have ever seen. I also bought their LED Daytime Running Lights, which was displayed in a fish tank there to show their excellent built quality. Overall, very happy with my purchase, highly recommended to everyone."

Kenny- Ultimo

"Saw their advertisement on a magazine,  I was after some HID for upgrading my driving lights. The owner offered to put the HID on one side of my car to show me the result before buying. Overall, very happy their products and services."

Michael- Rhodes