New Thinkware 4K Dashcam
has arrived!!!!!!

We currently stock the following THINKWARE models:

U1000 - 32Gb 4K Front & QHD Rear Cams

                 with Hard Wiring Kit $869

F800 - 16Gb Front & Rear Cams

              with Hard Wiring Kit $599

F200 - 16Gb Front & Rear Cams
              with Hard Wiring Kit $349

LED vs Halogen

We have been testing our new LED Headlight sample for about a month now.

Initial impression is good, with brightness a Definite improvement over factory halogen bulbs. (See photo comparison). We'd say brightness would be at least equal to performance bulbs such as Osram Night Breaker Unlimited, with added advantages such as HID level of Whiteness (6500k), and much longer life.

High Quality LED Headlight comparison to halogen
High Quality LED Headlight
High Quality LED Headlight
LED Headlight / Fog Light Bulbs

New samples of "Made in Korea" LED bulbs just arrived. We will be testing them for durability for 3 months to ensure no brightness drop.

Current bulb types for headlight use include H4, H8/11, and HB3/HB4.

The other type of LED bulbs are for Fog light use, which has both 6000k and 3300k colour built into the same bulb.

We installed the "2 in 1" type Fog

Light LED onto a Golf Mk6 GTI with

resistors, No dash error.

Initial Comments:

Default colour is 6000k, turning

the fog lights off then on again, within 8 secs, switches the colour to 3300k. Turn them off and on again, within 8 secs, will switch back to 6000k colour.

LED Car Light Fog Light VW Golf
OSRAM Dealer

Dmex Auto is now a Premium OSRAM Dealer

Dmex Auto now has various OSRAM products in stock including but no limited to the followings:

OSRAM Cool Blue Hyper+ Range.

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited Range.

OSRAM Daytime Running Light Range.


OSRAM HID Xenon Retrofit Kit.

and more...


We have just finished

setting up our

New Headlight Display Cabinet,

and OSRAM Disply Shelf

Car Light Headlight LED OSRAM Tail light Head light
Car Light Headlight LED OSRAM Tail light Head light Cool Blue Hyper Night Breaker Unlimited HID Xenon Hybrid DRL Daytime Running Lights

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